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Used Clothing Grade A
Used Mixed Summer Clothing Wholesale, Second Hand Clothes for Export and Recycled Used Tropical Clothing, Used Second Hand Clothes sold by the Pound, Packed in Small Bales of 100 Lbs in Miami, Florida.

Grade A = #3 ... The Best Selling Used Mixed Summer Clothing !!

Best Selling Because The Great Low Price
Used Summer Clothing Grade A=#3 in Bales of 1,000 Lbs or 100 Lbs
Best Selling Because of The Low Price

Used Summer Clothing Grade A=#3 .. See Our Grade A Quality below >>>

Used Recycled Mixed Summer Clothing Grade A ..
at The Best Prices in Miami from $0.70 Lb
Our Grade A Used Clothing DIAMANTE "A" = #3
The Best Price ... Sold World Wide Our Grade A Quality is Packed with the Names DIAMANTE ..  >>>

Grade A Quality !!!!
This Quality is "Our DIAMANTE Quality"

Because The Low Price

For Men & Women Mixed at $0.70 Lb

Recycled, Used, Second Hand Clothing for Men, Women, at $0.70 per Lb in bales of 1,000 Lbs for 48,000 Lbs & $0.70 p/Lb for Small Bales of 100 Lbs "Grade Diamante A = #3 Quality" Mixed Summer Clothing .. Packed in SMALL BALES or LARGE BALES !! (Small bales is a Little Higer Price) Good Clothing ... Quality #3 

"Our 3rd Best Quality and The Best Selling"
This what you get ... DIAMANTE QUALITY:
Tropical Clothing, Summer Clothing Graded with ... MIXED for Men, Women, packed in bales of 100 pounds and / or 1,000 Lbs (100 Lbs and 1,000 Lbs Bales are Covered / Wrapped) Good Clothing, Good Looking Clothes, Not as Fashionable Clothing as our Premiun or Special Quality, Looking less Bright .. Looking more Used ! .. But this Quality is the Best Selling .. because the low price.

Again, "Diamante" Quality #3 SUMMER CLOTHING, LIGHT TROPICAL CLOTHES for Hot Countries We mix Dresses, Dress of All Types, Skirts, Blouses, Shorts, Knit Shirts, T-Shirts, Ladies Pants, Jeans, Work Clothing, Long & Short Sleeves Shirts, Men's Dress, Casual and Cotton Pants, Light Coats, Underwear, Swimwear, Polo Type Shirts, etc., etc., etc. !!

ALL BALES ARE MIXED SUMMER CLOTHES ... with 100 Lbs or 1,000 Lbs of All of the above and More, in All Sizes, Colors and Fabrics... !!! Bales are packed with approx. 98% or more of Summer or Tropical Clothing in Cotton and Poly-Cotton Mix, Silk, etc., etc ... each bale is mixed with a Visual Percentage as follows:
Women approx 60% Men approx 40%
These are the approx Percentage (visual %), some bales could be higher or Lower .. ! Good Clothing Sold WordWide at Low Prices !!

PRICES F.O.B. - X-Miami, Florida (in our warehouse)
IN LARGE BALES OF 1,000 LBS - $0.70 per Lb (40 foot container) 

$0.70 per Lb (Full 20 or 40 Foot container)
In Bales of 100 Lbs
IN SMALL BALES OF 100 LBS of 100 Lbs at $0.70 per Lb = $70.00 per Bale

Used Clothing DIAMANTE.. at The Best Price .. Sold World Wide !
Our Grade A Quality is Packed with the Names DIAMANTE A=#3
Grade A - Because our Used Recycled Clothing is Graded by Humans and Not Machines, we have up to a 10% of Human Error (up to a 10% with Small Damages and Defects) .. the Actual Human Error is approx 6% to 10% !!
All Used Clothing is Sold as is.
All Used Clothing of Any Grade has an amount or percentage of stains


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Also, ABC sell Used Mixed Summer Clothing in Grade A+B = #4 in Small Bales of 100 Lbs ..... and ....

Grade B = #5 in Large Bales of 1,000 Lbs


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